• Full on-site support

    Forensic IT works on-site at customer location and absorbs all support duties from account management to problem troubleshooting. 1st-3rd level support or subset of these. Managed by KPIs.
  • Hybrid support

    Forensic IT works both on-site and remotely against a defined scope of work absorbing specific duties or functions from customer. Managed by KPIs.
  • Off-site remote support

    Forensic IT works remotely handling issues from a defined scope of work usually around server maintenance (monitoring, patching, AV, etc.) and troubleshooting.
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We teach you how to gather and follow data with respect to solving problems. Our structured approach involves gathering data to understand the problem and work towards a root cause resolution.

  • Self-guided E-learning

    Course content is hosted on an interactive e-learning platform, which includes interactive examples, assesments, forums and offers chat access during limited hours to course instructors.
  • Instructor led E-learning

    For a hybrid learning approach, FIT instructors host virtual classrooms with students and go through all content and examples giving additional context and details, asking students comprehension questions and fielding any questions students may have.
  • In-person Instruction

    Courses hosted in person, covering all course content. These courses are the most interactive option. In-person instruction is still available, but with course size restrictions and additional safety measures due to COVID-19. Contact us to determine viability of in-person instruction for your students.

Courses Available

  • Basic Troubleshooting
  • Diagnostic Tools for IT Professionals
  • Practical Network Analysis
  • Advanced WinDBG
  • Robust Programming
  • Network Fundamentals
  • Advanced Networking
  • Database 101
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DataSnare is where data collection meets cloud reporting and analytics. The DataSnare hardware is built to last in the toughest manufacturing environments and our proprietary software means you can collect data from any equipment. Cloud-based reporting brings visualizations of your data directly to your favorite browser or mobile device. Import data you've already collected in various file formats, or draw live data from an existing database or web api. Set up alerts and schedule reports to be delivered to users or groups in that mimic the structure of your organization.

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Datasnare operates services for cloud backups and disaster recovery services. Cloud backups are easy to operate, can be scheduled and managed with simple business rules and work on every major OS. Disaster Recovery sets up resources that are used when your infrastructure fails. You can backup and recover locally, recover and spin up resources on demand in the cloud, and easily manage your disaster recovery workflows using and central deployment.

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Trakker is a multifaceted software package that helps track, manage and identify issues in your organization or equipment. Keep the right people up-to-date on progress made and alert them about new issues. You can track tasks, events, problems, projects, and changes for each of your customers in Trakker's easy to use interface. Map out projects and track your time and progress with a gantt chart. Manage change control with change management tools and approval and denial rules.

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We use data to guide our decisions in everything we do and push the forensic philosophy to all of our employees and all of our projects. We have found that the forensic philosophy applies to all aspects of our business. The better we are at gathering and understanding "data," the better job we do. We use forensics to find the root cause of difficult issues. We have not encountered a problem yet that we were unable to solve using our forensic method.

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We offer a variety of software products including: DataSnare, Trakker, Scheduler and Process Reporting, etc.
We also offer custom software contracts based on your organization's unique needs. Contact us if you have a custom software project that benefit from our development expertise.

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