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Cloud Backups and Disaster Recovery

Forensic IT offers cloud backups and disaster recovery solutions as a service

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With the expansion of remote workforces, the consistent increase in malware and ransomware, as well as additional compliance needs, the risk to endpoints has never been higher. Every company that manages data (nearly all companies these days) needs an secure, simple to configure, and easy to manage endpoint data protection solution. Datasnare Cloud Backup (DCB) protects your most critical data and fulfills backup and retention requirments without needing hours and hours of maintenance or expertise in data stewardship methods.

Our Cloud Backup Platform

Forensic IT offers Datasnare Cloud Backup and Datasnare Disaster Recovery solutions through Infrascale backup products. Space is sold in 10GB increments and can be expanded to fit your needs at any time.

Looking to harden your endpoints and infrastructure with Cloud Backups or Disaster Recovery?

Datasnare Cloud Backup Features

Ease of Use

Backup Critical Data

Backup any devices from anywhere

Restore quickly and with ease


Automate Install & Security

Remotely Service with Ease

Monitor and Report


Protect from Ransomware

Manage Device Loss Prevention

Enforce Security and Encrpytion

Datasnare Disaster Recovery Features

Backup and Recover Locally

Critical Server Insurance

Ransomware Mitigation

Boot-ready in Minutes

True Local Disaster Recovery

Backed Up to the Cloud

Field Upgradeable Appliance

Recover/Spin Up in the Cloud

Dedicated Cloud Resources

Drag and Drop DR Orchestration

Failover to the Cloud

Guilt-free DR Testing

Guilt-free Disasters

Automated Failback

Management Simplified

Centralized Deployment

Recovery Objectives

No Capital Investment Needed

All Inclusive Data Protection

Flexible DR Options

Use Existing Hardware

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