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Industrial Data

For manufacturers who want to collect discreet data, generate reports, and analyze data to improve and streamline their manufacturing process. Unlike other traditional data collection systems, Forensics’ Data Reporter does not continuously poll and store data; rather, it allows you to specifically program triggers and collect specific data at specific points in time at specific process conditions. This keeps your network free of unnecessary process data and allows your database and long term archives to remain manageable.

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Take control of your plant floor data and analyze your processes using our reporting and PowerBI services.
Need to collect more data? We can help with that too - our custom data collection block can be easily implemented to target the data you require. We can help with both strategic and tactical approaches to help deliver data analysis and visualization. Make your data work for you!

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Industrial Data Reporter's Key Features:

Data Collection

  • Collect data from CFC Blocks in the PLC at specific data points.
  • Receive data from both TCP and UDP protocols
  • Throughput up to 1000 data records per second
  • Overloaded data records with multiple data values per record
  • Additional Plugins available for system, event, network, and data records including server uptime, CPU, memory, network throughput, operating system events, etc.

Data Logging

  • Log data records to local long term storage
  • Persist to multiple RDBMS systems including Oracle, MS-SQL, MySQL, Sybase and more
  • Persist to a Forensic Trakker Data Analytics subscription via secure HTTPS protocol
  • One-to-many data output solutions. Receive a data record and persist to multiple destinations via custom business rules. Example: receive record for a raw material; write to Accounting database in Oracle as well as an Automation System report in MS-SQL
  • Store and forward architecture for handling down systems and connections. Never lose data to downed network again.
  • Custom business rule editing allows you to scale values, apply formulas, enable/disable rules, and aggregate data by time

Data Analytics

Cloud subscription required. Device comes with 1 year of cloud service included.

  • Web-based Business Intelligence (BI) available from desktop mobile platforms
  • Mobile apps provide process intelligence
  • Build custom reports or use our pre-made reports
  • Setup data conditions and acceptable ranges and report exceptions
  • Online tools allow you to slice and dice data into whatever format you'd like and apply filters to your datasets
  • Microsoft Power-BI access to your Cloud data