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Process Analysis Studies

We can work with your team to make automation and control system recommendations to reduce downtime, increase throughput, and reduce process waste. Using a data-driven approach we can optimize your plant and increase product consistency.

Control System Development and Support

  • PLC Development: Siemens, Rockwell
  • HMI Development: Wonderware, WinCC, Factorylink
  • OPC Server: OPC, Kepware, Matrikon, Factorylink
  • System Testing & Validation
  • ISA-88 Batch Development
  • Data Collection & Reporting

Project Management

Our team has the internal capability to execute your project from inception to commissioning. We can also provide seasoned project managers to oversee other vendors and protect your company's interest and meet your objectives.

Data Collection & Reporting

Our Data Collection System captures live data utilizing real-time triggers. Using this data we create custom reports and analytics that allow your team to make informed process decisions. Utilizing our reporting will allow you to check tour performance from anywhere. Our reporting systems can be designed to work on any platform including: Mac OSX, IOS, Android, and Windows.

System Compliance

Have confidence your system is up to date and protected from the most malicious system exploits. Our engineers can analyze your system from the firewall to the operating system and determine any possible exploits. Have a compliance standard? We will work meticulously with your company to ensure and standard is met.

Root Cause Analysis

No problem is too big or small. Using our method we strive to eliminate the guess work and instill confidence in our customer that the problem will be identified. Our process is data-driven. We provide our customer with the root cause analysis by strategically collecting data that lets us identify the problem with 100% accuracy.

Critical System Health Analysis

Concerned about the health or longevity of your system? using select tools we can monitor system activity over time and produce an accurate system health map to help identify bottlenecks and prevent future failures. We can find those pesky unseen problems that contribute to long term performance issues and fix them before they cause downtime.

Disaster Recovery

Where would you be if your major systems crashed? We specialize in identifying critical systems to backup and developing a solution to back them up. The importance of disaster recovery plans may not be realized until a system fails. Don’t be in a spot where a system crashes without a solid plan to restore production as quickly as possible.

Architecture Diagrams

Using our tools we can produce an in-depth architecture of your entire site using the OSI model fundamentals. The importance of architecture diagrams are severely underestimated until a major issue happens. Knowing exactly how all systems talk through a network will save plenty of money over time. If a major downtime event happens the last thing you want to do is have to stop and figure out exactly how you systems are talking to each other.

Problem Management

No issue is considered closed until root cause is identified. Using our ticketing system we will manage all problems and see to it that root cause is identified. Our goal is to instill the utmost confidence in our customer. Using our problem management tools we strive to make our troubleshooting methodology transparent and keep our customer updates clear and concise.

On-Site Support for Critical Issues

We can deploy one of our highly talented Forensic Engineers on-site to see through problem management and issue resolution. All on-site engineers have been trained to handle high stress production down situations. Our emphasis on data collection and analysis gives us the unique ability to troubleshoot any issue on-site in a moment’s notice.

Server/Workstation Builds

We can create custom builds and deployment solutions for both office and production environments. We have the ability to tailor this process for both enterprise and small business customers. Our engineers have experience with many deployment solutions including SCCM and Altiris.

Network Design/Implementation/Support

We can tailor networking solutions to meet your company's needs. We offer many services including network design, implementation, troubleshooting, proactive monitoring, and repair. We have on-staff Cisco certified engineers to help you company build and support a robust network

Hardware Implementation

Deployment of server systems and workstations in office and production environments.

Software and Patch Installation

System patching and maintenance. Patch and update testing in mirror environments before deployment. Deploy patches on schedule

Virus Prevention/Removal

Prevention software installation and maintenance. Virus identification and removal in infected systems.

Data Preservation/Backup

Solutions for small scale systems to data centers. Development and testing of disaster recovery plans.

Error Reporting/Monitoring

Configuration and monitoring of system health. Diagnosis of intermittent failures and proactive disaster systems.

Database Design/Administration

Migration and development of Oracle, Sybase, and SQL database systems. Data management and compilation service. Database administration and maintenance.

Break/Fix Support

Dedicated staff for handling break/fix issues. Ongoing communication throughout fix process. Detailed reports on problem source and solution.

PLC Program Development and Modification

Siemens and Rockwell control systems.

OPC Server Installation & Support

Matrikon, Kepware, SIMATIC OPC, Factory Talk

HMI Development and Modification

SIMATIC WinCC, Wonderware, FT View

System testing and validation

Complete system setup in office. System load testing. In house factory acceptance testing.

Custom Applications

Data Collection, Report Generation, and Batch Scheduler

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