Forensic IT is not just our company name, the word Forensic is a common theme that describes everything we do in all our divisions.

To us, Forensic means detailed, structured, and disciplined. We use data to guide our decisions in everything we do and push the Forensic philosophy to all of our employees and all of our projects. We have found that the Forensic philosophy applies to all aspects of our business. The better we are at gathering and understanding data, the better job we do.

We use forensics to find the root cause of difficult issues. We have not encountered a problem yet that we were unable to solve using our forensic method.

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We offer several classes built around a central theme - structured troubleshooting.

We teach how to gather data and follow data with respect to solving problems. Our structured approach involves gathering data to understand the problem and work towards a root cause resolution.

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Over the years, not all IT environments have been created equal. We offer a wide range of services to our clients and strive to ensure that each one is successful.

Different types of businesses have different needs. We recognize those needs and have put together a staff of engineers with skill sets as broad as your needs.

We offer a wide range of System Engineering services. We strive to ensure each customer receives the engineering staff needed to make their organization successful.

We are proud of our systems division. It is staffed with friendly, competent individuals that are experienced in getting the job done. We believe there is no magic in IT, and we enjoy taking the time to explain things to the level our customers are comfortable with.

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Our support is top-notch. We train all of our support engineers on "The Forensic Method" - a process which focuses on collecting and analyzing data to reach a conclusion. We do not do "Guess Support".

Software & Development

We offer a variety of software products including: DataSnare, Trakker, Scheduler and Process Reporting, etc.

Forensic IT has a software division that maintains and creates our software offerings. Forensic IT does internal software development as well as creating products for our customers.

Internally, we have created numerous system utilities that enable our engineers to analyze and decode data used in our structured troubleshooting efforts. These tools require detailed systems knowledge and understanding of how software executes.

For our customer we have developed numerous applications ranging from production line scanners to fielding reporting systems to gift log tracking software for charities.

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