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We have Microsoft, Oracle, and Sybase DBAs on staff to assist in the robust development of data driven applications whether web based or server/desktop.

We are proficient in building software that is architected properly and efficiently. Our knowledge of IEEE-1471 will ensure that your software product is built to suit all of your needs.

The Development team does internal software development as well as creating products for our customers. Internally, we have created numerous system utilities that enable our engineers to analyze and decode data used in our structured troubleshooting efforts. These tools require detailed system knowledge.

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We like to talk about our previous work because we take pride in everything we do:

In a Fortune 50 adult beverage company we have a system utility running that helps identify and correct orphaned windows licenses across all of the company's terminal servers. This is a utility to help fix a Citrix issue in which licenses are not managed properly.The solution provided by Citrix is to upgrade to different versions of their software, however, the upgrade time for the customer is several years away and at a significant cost. This solution provides a low-cost fix. This is a C++ utility.

In a Fortune 50 soda company mobile MT-200 scanners running Forensic IT software are being used to ensure that packaged products are within acceptable born on dates for distribution. This is written in Windows Mobile Platform using C# with Motorola's Symbol .Net assemblies and a back end SQL Server Database.

A grocery chain that produces over a dozen of its own sodas uses a recipe manager we built to create a sequence of steps that gets downloaded to PLCs for controlling production. This software was created using and a SQL Server database.

A large charity tracks contacts, donations, and pledges using our software. They also use another piece of software developed by Forensic IT to track and visualize donor assets for estate planning and lifetime gift management. These products are written in C# and SQL Server. The gift planning software is tightly integrated with Excel and generates Word PowerPoint documents.

A Fortune 50 adult beverage company uses a control system that does not execute properly on multi-processor computers. This is corrected in newer multiprocessor versions of control system software however, the customer is not in a position to change to the new version for several years. Forensic IT created a service that runs parallel to the control system software and alters its processing from multiple CPUs to a single CPU to prevent it from crashing. This service is a C++ service that monitors threads of an application and adjusts which CPU they are allowed to run on By forcing the threads to operate on the same CPU, we bypass a multithreading synchronization issue that causes the software to crash.

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