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Forensic IT creates internal software development as well as products for our customers. We are not just software developers, we are software engineers.

We are highly competent in most standard programming languages and databases. Collaborating with your team and using our experience we can deliver custom software solutions to meet your needs. Our software can be found in numerous places including a fortune 50 beverage company, a fortune 50 soda company, a grocery chain and a charity.

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Forensic IT's Trakker is an application/ticketing system that allows you to track your failures, your resolutions, your downtime, all by location, area,
and equipment. It allows you to find out what is hurting your bottom line so you can correct the issue and move on! Our system also offers Insights
in a graphical representation to quickly see your trouble areas.

Trakker is a multifaceted software package that helps manage and identify issues in your organization. We start with issue
management, and build in tools like automatic event reporting, reminders for engineers working the issues, dashboards, and
insights to let personnel on different levels of the organization see the information that is important to them. Change Management
is also addressed by disciplining engineers to think through not only changes they are making but to have a back up plan in the event
of an issue. It also allows for multiple personnel to "approve" changes before they are implemented as a way to keep management
informed and in control.


Our scheduler is designed to help manufacturing organizations to schedule their production in an efficent manner. Raw materials are valuable - scheduling
their use helps preserve our natural resources minimizing waste.

It is an integrated software package that utilizes your business rules to manage your production schedule. We utilize functions available from Siemens,
Rockwell, and Wonderware control systems to seamlessly automate your release schedule. Your equipment availability is analyzed to determine
the most effective and efficient planning: producing the highest quality product at the lowest possible cost.


Understanding manufacturing is key to efficiencies as well as profit margins. We help organizations keep track of their operation so they understand what
they have in the pipeline at all times.

Our reporting tool ties into PLC block to report the actual data from the plant floor. We then work with the appropriate personnel from your
organization to determine how to present the data. We can create reports, both tabular and graphical to help you see on a daily basis what is going
on in your production environment. These reports help identify process loss and inefficiencies that directly impact your bottom line.

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