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Forensic IT offers a wide range of system engineering services. We strive to ensure each customer receives the engineering staff needed to make their organization successful.

Not all IT environments are created equal and Forensic IT has a staff of engineers with the skill sets and flexibility to meet your needs. We are staffed with competent individuals that are experienced in getting the job done.

All Services

Server/Workstation builds

Network design/implementation/support

Hardware Implementation

Software Implementation

Virus Prevention/Removal

Data Prevention/Backups

Error Reporting

Database Design/Administration

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In addition to the management of systems, we have an entire staff that is dedicated to handling break/fix issues as they come in. Forensic IT manages and handles break/fix on thousands of machines across the country. Not only will we correct whatever your problem is, but we send constant communication on the issue as it is being completed. After each issue, we make sure our customers understand what the root cause

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